No sew shirts for Disney! Button shirts

Finished shirts - Big sister(top),
little sister (bottom)
Finished close up of Big sis tee

The glue I used and you can see that I just slipped the tracer under the shirt
After I mapped it out, I just moved them off the lines and this made it go much faster!
I ran a short line of the glue on the tracer, then put on the button with a toothpick.
The glue dries clear! Make sure the entire back of the button has glue.
Otherwise little ones might try to pick the buttons off.
If you are worried about little ones swallowing the buttons, sew them on afterwards!
But I'm tellin ya  - these little things are stuck pretty good!!
We are headed to Disney in May and I wanted to make some homemade shirts for my family and especially my two little girls! I have found some great ideas on Pinterest, which you can check my page out for ideas, but also on Etsy and then I just Googled Mickey vacation shirts. Not sure which site I found that the mom had made Mickey heads out of buttons and I loved the idea!  I wanted to make a quick, easy, no sew shirt and this is! Walmart kids shirts and I found a bag of buttons at good for $1.97. They were already mixed colors and sizes and thought that they would be great! I wanted to do something similar like her, but I had to tweak her idea and change how she did it to fit me. I sew and have a great sewing machine, but sewing by hand all these buttons, didn't sound like fun. I improvised a new plan -  craft glue! My friend bedazzles her daughters dance clothes with these little beads and we had done a few shirts at school for teacher events. It's super easy and they really stick good! I found the glue at a fabric store for $5 and didn't have to use much to make these two shirts! I found a Mickey head shaped by Googling it and then saving it and playing with the sizes! These are final product - the Big sister/Little sister Mickey shaped shirts- I'd love to hear what ya think!
Pictures at Disney in our shirts-

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