Disney Store dancing!

Today we went to a newly renovated Disney Store to make a return and find a bathing suit for our Disney trip. Our store didn't have much to choose from in my oldest daughters size and I got her a bathing suit during the 25% off sale, but I thought it would cover her belly and it didn't! She doesn't like her belly to show, but I thought for potty training purposes a two piece would be best. So we picked out another suit and while we were there they had a little dance session. My girls love to dance and even though there were lots of little kids around only three kids danced. At the end everyone who danced and watched got a foam mic (seen in the cast members hand during the dance) My girls love them and we had someone at another store ask how we got them! So next time you are the Disney Store stick around for the dancing! You never know when you might get a little something!

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