Damask Mickey shirts

I love Damask and wanted to make multiple shirts for our upcoming trip to Disney in May. I had some left over fabric and traced a Mickey head. I added stabilizer, which is stiffer backing, that makes it easier to sew and doesn't move around so much. I sprayed 505 on my head after cutting off the excess - or you could pin it or glue it with a glue stick to hold in place temporarily if you don't have 505. Cut off the excess stabilizer. I didn't on my first one and it looked funny around the edges and I colored it with a Sharpie to blend it in! Sew the edges around and voila! An adorable shirt! I added a little bow to my two daughters shirts, but for my shirt I may not...haven't decided yet. I got them at Hobby Lobby 3 in a pack for cheap! This project could be used with any type of fabric which is nice and wasn't too costly either! The shirts I found at Walmart for $3.88 and my shirts was $4.88. Not too bad!
 If you try this, I'd love to see your creations! 
Here is a picture of us at Disney in our shirts - 


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