New Disney Store goodies!

OMG! Momma could have gone crazy today if she had a shopping spree at the Disney Store! The new line came out Sunday evening and there are tons of cute stuff out! My favorite thing is the new miniature princesses and Tinkerbell that they came out with. My three yr old was in Heaven! She could all of them but Pocahontas and Rapunzel, but we eventually found all the set! She doesn't know that she's getting them, but when we go to Disney a fairy (mommy) is going to visit her each night a bring her a special something! I though a couple of these would be perfect for that! She'll probably get one in her Easter basket as well as little sister's Easter basket too!
Comparison shot
New beach tote that mommy loved and some cute flip flops
for mom and dad!

New little girls shirts

New summer line - I thought the water bottles would be great for a trip
to Disney and just refill with free water and ice!

Cute Tinkerbell line

Women's shirts

All swimsuit accessories are 25%off when you purchase a suit!
That includes the cover ups, towels, hats, sunglasses, flip flops, etc...

Adorable shirts for the whole family that have a beachy theme.
Also cute Popsicle makers!

See anything you love? Go to your store soon and check out all the cute new stuff! I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have a store close by, but you might be able to find this same stuff on the Disney Store website too! Maybe not for some of the same deal prices though!
There is a lot more I could've taken pictures of, but these are just a few to wet your whistle!

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