Disney Store dancing!

Today we went to a newly renovated Disney Store to make a return and find a bathing suit for our Disney trip. Our store didn't have much to choose from in my oldest daughters size and I got her a bathing suit during the 25% off sale, but I thought it would cover her belly and it didn't! She doesn't like her belly to show, but I thought for potty training purposes a two piece would be best. So we picked out another suit and while we were there they had a little dance session. My girls love to dance and even though there were lots of little kids around only three kids danced. At the end everyone who danced and watched got a foam mic (seen in the cast members hand during the dance) My girls love them and we had someone at another store ask how we got them! So next time you are the Disney Store stick around for the dancing! You never know when you might get a little something!

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25th Anniversary of The Disney Store!

I love the Disney Store! I am so glad that we live nearby to not only 1 or 2 or 3, but 4 Disney Stores in a one hour vicinity! That includes 3 stores and an outlet! On March 28th there is going to be a celebration in honor of the 25 years of the Store - online and in store! So even if you aren't near a store you too can get deals, but sorry no silvery Mickey ears! 25% in store and online and  prizes throughout the day - according to my local Disney Store manager! Are you gonna check it out! I had my eye on a shirt for my husband for our trip and an autograph book for my daughter, so I'll be shopping online for those two things! Also, here is the link to win a trip to the new Aulani Disney Hawaii resort!
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PINspiration Blog Hop

I am headed to Disney in just a few short weeks and I wanted to make shirts for myself and my girls. I have found multiple things on Pinterest which have them inspired me to go and make something! One idea was my Mickey Damask shirts - tutorial found here - Mickey Damask shirt I love how they turned out and can't wait to wear them! The pin on Pinterest wasn't the same fabric or with a bow, but I made it my own and tried something new!
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Grand Opening of a new concept Disney Store

Today I woke up early, got the girls out of the house and headed to The Galleria Mall for the grand opening of our Disney Store. They already had one, but it was small compared to how large it used to be! We had already visited the new concept store in Dallas on the way home from a family reunion and we loved it! The decorations are so cool, they have a cool mirror that the princesses show up magically on, a theatre and this one had a tunnel too. We got there expecting to have massive crowds, but there weren't even 100 people there. The first 250 got Mickey ears, so we got those, plus a magnet and keychain. I also got a $5 gift card because I checked in on Foursquare through my phone and Big B earned $5 for answering a trivia question while we were waiting. When we first arrived the girls were in the shirts for the year that they were born and then before we went in I changed them into their costumes. I wasn't sure if other were going to dress up and with the drive I wasn't going to have them in their carseat with fairy wings and a big skirt. My husband met us there since I wasn't sure how chaotic it was going to be. It wasn't bad at all. I wished we had gotten there even 30 minutes sooner! The people in front of us got to go into the store before it opened and have a little shopping spree! Then two other kids got to "open" the store with a giant 2  foot key that the cast members called the "key to imagination". It really was a production, but fun for the kids to watch. They do the opening everyday and the kids who open the store get special little keys that look like the big key.

The player box that you can choose videos on

Walking like a princess on the fairy dust path in the store. At one point she was holding her skirt on either side walking along - too funny!

We left a few prints on this mirror! She had mouth prints, nose prints and finger prints! But she loved it!!

Doing some shopping - good choice!
    After the store opened we headed straight for the cool mirror that when it has a princess object waved in front of it that princess will appear. Big B was dressed as Snow White so we saw her first. They had coloring sheets for the kids and a theatre area where they can choose music videos or clips from movies to be played. There were a few sales going on, but I already knew that our local Disney Store has costumes 25% off and a few other promotions that this store didn't have going on. We had a fun time and it was neat to see a stores grand opening in such a way. We will be headed back on November 5th to see it again and hopefully we will get to use the giant key and open the store! Plus Mickey and Minnie will be there!! I can't wait to see little b with them, hopefully she will go near them! 
Taking a little break with Bullseye!

Looking at ornaments - we haven't bought one yet, waiting to find the perfect one!


Damask Mickey shirts

I love Damask and wanted to make multiple shirts for our upcoming trip to Disney in May. I had some left over fabric and traced a Mickey head. I added stabilizer, which is stiffer backing, that makes it easier to sew and doesn't move around so much. I sprayed 505 on my head after cutting off the excess - or you could pin it or glue it with a glue stick to hold in place temporarily if you don't have 505. Cut off the excess stabilizer. I didn't on my first one and it looked funny around the edges and I colored it with a Sharpie to blend it in! Sew the edges around and voila! An adorable shirt! I added a little bow to my two daughters shirts, but for my shirt I may not...haven't decided yet. I got them at Hobby Lobby 3 in a pack for cheap! This project could be used with any type of fabric which is nice and wasn't too costly either! The shirts I found at Walmart for $3.88 and my shirts was $4.88. Not too bad!
 If you try this, I'd love to see your creations! 
Here is a picture of us at Disney in our shirts - 


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Here comes Peter Cottontail...

I fell in love with these two precious bunnies! How could a momma resist sticking these in an Easter basket or giving them beforehand. Even when my kids are grown and gone from home, I could see myself decorating for Easter with these. Also, they smell! Like CHOCOLATE! How cool is that! Just thought I'd share this awesome deal! They are $7.50 with a $25 purchase or $14.50 otherwise.

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New Disney Store goodies!

OMG! Momma could have gone crazy today if she had a shopping spree at the Disney Store! The new line came out Sunday evening and there are tons of cute stuff out! My favorite thing is the new miniature princesses and Tinkerbell that they came out with. My three yr old was in Heaven! She could all of them but Pocahontas and Rapunzel, but we eventually found all the set! She doesn't know that she's getting them, but when we go to Disney a fairy (mommy) is going to visit her each night a bring her a special something! I though a couple of these would be perfect for that! She'll probably get one in her Easter basket as well as little sister's Easter basket too!
Comparison shot
New beach tote that mommy loved and some cute flip flops
for mom and dad!

New little girls shirts

New summer line - I thought the water bottles would be great for a trip
to Disney and just refill with free water and ice!

Cute Tinkerbell line

Women's shirts

All swimsuit accessories are 25%off when you purchase a suit!
That includes the cover ups, towels, hats, sunglasses, flip flops, etc...

Adorable shirts for the whole family that have a beachy theme.
Also cute Popsicle makers!

See anything you love? Go to your store soon and check out all the cute new stuff! I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have a store close by, but you might be able to find this same stuff on the Disney Store website too! Maybe not for some of the same deal prices though!
There is a lot more I could've taken pictures of, but these are just a few to wet your whistle!

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Tie Dye Mickey shirts

Finished product - Some are good...others are not so good!
I found through Pinterest or one of my many Disney blogs that I now follow...the wonderful idea to make Mickey tie dye shirts! Looks easy enough, the lady gave good instructions, let's do it! I got all the supplies needed and called a friend who I knew wanted to make them last year for a trip to Disneyland and never did and she was in on the project. We met at my house so my little ones would have lots to play with and she brought 3 of her kids all who are older. It started off simple enough - trace a Mickey head -
Tracing the Mickey head
Mickey head sticking up and putting on multiple bands
 I can do that... Then you take unwaxed thread and bast stitch, which means in and out with gaps (like a dotted line) around the head tracing. Easy to do, time consuming though - three shirts just lost the Mickey head shape...I didn't think the guys in our group would care anyway! Then you pull the floss real tight and rubberband that part. Then soak in soda ash for 20 minutes. I did shirts in a twirl pattern and some with multiple bands with the Mickey head poking out the top!
This one I swirled and then banded
Problem #1 - Too many colors! When certain colors mix you get some ugly colors! Problem #2 - Rubber bands not tight enough!  The color seeps through and you don't get that lovely Mickey head shape! Problem #3 - Some of our colors did not dissolve properly and we ran out of salt at one point and had to borrow from a neighbor! Oui! I was only happy with about 3 of my 8 shirts and most likely will redo my little girls shirts and not even mess with the others! I am in the process of figuring out if I can bleach the shirts and start over, or if I will have to buy new shirts to start over!
       Learn from my mistakes!
#1 - put rubber bands on tightly
#2 - Cover the Mickey head after dyeing to ensure no other color gets on with Saran wrap
#3 - use only one or two colors
#4 - properly dissolve the dye with the salt in a bowl of warm water
#5 - use gloves!

Up close view of the shirts -
This shirt faded terribly and looks horrible in person!
Redo for sure!

This shirt I can live with!

Little girl #1 - Will redo - too muddy of colors!

My shirt - colors on the sleeve are gross,
but love the Mickey heads and how they look!

Little girl shirt - Ugh!

My Aunt's shirt - I like!

We used plastic tubs to protect the ground and just rinsed between shirts.
Pictures of us at Disney in our shirts!

Have you made tie dye shirts? They can be Mickey or not! Share with us!

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