Running for the love of Disney!

Updated June 14th, 2013 - It is with great excitement to announce that I will be running in the Disney Tinkerbell and Princess Half Marathon in 2014! I was desperately awaiting registration for the Princess Half Marathon registration window to open and then a limited number of runners would have the option to register for the Princess Half Marathon at the same time! I was so excited to register along with 4 other great girls that I have know for years.  So far I have one Californian friend who was planning on visiting family that weekend doing the Tink with me and four Walt Disney World girlfriends who are planning on doing the Princess run with me. I am not a runner by any means! I in fact hate running, I think this because I can't go far right now, don't think of myself as a runner and I tend to get a stitch in my side while running. My husband completed the half marathon in Houston and I went with him to see the Expo and after I saw the medals at the RunDisney Marathon booth - I knew! I knew that I wanted one of those and if I had to run my little legs off, than I would do it! Follow my journey as I start training!

I have also checked out Jeff Galloway's 5k/10k book out from the library to help me understand his method and hopefully avoid injuring myself! With three kiddos it's not going to be easy to train, but my gym and hubby and support group of running friends will help my reach my goal! My post about Galloway tells more about my use of his method.

Updated - April 11, 2014 - I DID IT!! 
I completed two half marathons within 5 weeks of each other! I never in a million years saw myself as a runner. I am not the type of girl who likes to sweat. Not that I don't work hard or play hard, but I don't like to stink! ha! I hate that glossy wet look that comes with sports, but I was willing to do it - for Mickey! And I told my hubby that! 
I am so proud of my bling! I worked hard to train and earn my medals and looking at them reminds me that I can do anything I set my mind to. That doesn't mean it'll be easy, by any means, but rather that hardwork pays off!

I waited 15 minutes for this pic during the Princess Half and had to book it afterwards in fear of being swept!

Loved that I stopped during Tinkerbell to get a pic with The Jack Sparrow! He was hilarious! I think he had already had a little rum too!
First Half marathon done! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and I didn't even sweat!! 

I hope to do able to do more RunDisney runs in the future, but only time will tell. I love to run at night and would love to run the Wine and Dine or the Tower of Terror 10 miler! There are so many inspiring people who run these runs and you are truly joining a supportive family of runners! Check out TeamRunDisney on Fb groups! Such a wealth of info!

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