Flashback Friday - Opening a Disney Store

My girls love Disney, but especially my older daughter who watches the movies, sings the songs, plays with her princesses and loves to look at our Disney album from all our trips - even ones were she isn't born yet! We recently had a remodel at a Disney store in the Houston Galleria, which is not where we live, but not too terrible far either! We were there for the "soft opening" and the grand opening - those posts coming soon! After I saw the big hoopla with this "Key of Imagination" I knew that I wanted her to experience that and for her to have her own key! We had to get to the mall early in order to be the ones to open the store, but it was worth it! They choose someone at random to open the store and we made sure to let them know we wanted to help that day! She loved getting to open the store and we proudly display her "Key to Imagination" (seen in her hand in the pic) in her room high enough so sister won't play with it!
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