Exciting announcement!

We are pregnant! I was so excited that we were able to keep this a secret from everyone (for 6 weeks!) so that we could take these pics at Disney to announce it! My mother wasn't too happy to find out that Mickey and Minnie knew before she did, but I loved it!

This is the first picture that we took with our ultrasound - I had them take a family picture and then told the Photopass lady that I wanted to add one more person to the photo! They were all shocked and in one of our pictures you can see Mickey pointing to my ultrasound. I was so excited to tell someone after keeping it a secret for so long! The next pictures were to be more revealing for people to figure it out! Even though my own mother didn't get it! I tried to be creative and it didn't quite work for everybody! My mother kept asking what that certificate was...mom! it's an ultrasound!
 She was shocked to say the least! On Mother's Day we shared our pictures with our family and then our friends. We are due November 2012.

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Tusker House Character Dining Review

Restaurant - Tusker House
Location - Animal Kingdom
Characters - Goofy, Mickey, Donald (only at the entrance for group photos, doesn't mingle), Daisy
Food - Lunch- buffet some foods were very authentic and I had no idea what they were!
Pros - We liked the food and there was lots to choose from. 
Cons - Some of the food was very ethnic, so if you have picky eaters the choices are limited, but there is lots to choose from!
Tips - Get Fast passes for the Kilimanjaro Safari and when you get done eating hop on! It's just down the way from the restaurant
Would we do it again? - Yes! We love the dancing around and we were happy to meet Daisy, who isn't at any of the other dinners. 
Any other questions? Just ask!
We left our table to get desserts and then found out we missed Daisy! We told the cast member in blue and he made sure that she came to see us! This was shot in anticipation of meeting her! They were excited! Can you tell?

I made the shirts and found the bows at Hobby Lobby.
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