Disneyland Paris

We were on a European vacation and stopped in Paris for 2 days. I talked my hubby into visiting Disneyland Paris for one of our days. We were there from around 11 til closing. We loved that they spoke English, had familiar foods and some of the classic rides that I love.

Favorite Ride:  It's a Small World - it seemed so much more colorful, had many North America places such as Canada, California, Hawaii and New York. I don't remember at Disneyworld there being places from North America in that Small World ride. I have some great pictures of the ride, but unfortunately they are scrapped in my album...I may have to just take a picture of the page and show you that! My computer crashed that held all my DisneyParis pics, I am hoping to get them recovered! These were the only ones I had on my computer, but when I get the rest I'll share them too!

Regret: I only bought a few little souvenirs that said Disneyland Paris, my husband even said at one point, buy whatever you want! I ended up buying a rain poncho, small little bag, a t-shirt, frig magnet, and a deck of playing cards. It was such a once in a lifetime trip and I wished that maybe a mug or frame had made it into my purchase! Guess I'll have to go back to get those one day! Who wants to go with me??

There are two parks - Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park

This was taken in front of the Disneyland hotel. It was a gorgeous setting!  

We happened to eat lunch at one of the restaurants that had a Broadway type play while you ate. It was in French and English at various times. We were lucky to catch the English version and it was wonderful! It makes me want to see Lion King on Broadway even more! The actors were wonderful and the singing gave me goosebumps!

They have an art of animation just like in Florida and my husband loves that you can learn to draw! This drawing created a bouncing Mickey head. 

I had an absolute blast and hope to one day return now that there are so many new rides and updates that have been done to this park! If you have ever been I would love to hear about it! 

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