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I'm Sarah- a Christian, Stay at home, (new) homeschooling mom to three little girls and self proclaimed Disneynerd. I love practically everything Disney and have since as far back as I can remember. Family trips to the Walt Disney World park started in 1986. I did go through a phase where Disney was not my focus or even on the radar, and then in 2007 and again in 2009 til today my #disneyside is in full force. I think having kids intensified that pull to get me back to the parks and back into the wonder and excitement of the Disney magic in movies and the music.
How I announced baby #3! 
   I love to talk Disney with friends who are planning trips and long to be on the Disney Moms Panel if it's God's timing! I know that I can be intense and full of knowledge when helping others and I find that those challenges and conversations stimulate me to want others to experience one of my happy places. I want their trip to be as stress free as possible so that they enjoy themselves and make those memories to last a lifetime. If I don't ever make the Moms Panel, than I could see myself joining a travel agency to help plan trips for other families. I love entering contests to win Disney vacations and hope to win a nights stay in Cinderella's castle which would be a dream come true for this momma and a few little girls!

   I recently (as in last May) started running and my husband told me he would take me to Disneyland if I ran a half marathon. So guess what?? I trained my patootie off and earned my pink Coast to Coast RunDisney medal in 2014. I ran the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland and then 5 weeks later ran the Princess Half Marathon at Disneyworld! I had an absolute blast and loved running at Disney!

 I'm not paid for anything I write or do. I would like to know how people do that and get paid, but I also like not having a bunch of ads down the side of my pages and truly do love just Sharing my Disney Love with others. I love to craft in Disney ways such as shirts for trips, scrapbooks from trips and cool ways to display those Disney moments in shadowboxes or with other crafts. Everyday has a touch of Disney at our house...from music in the car, to ringtones on my phone, to the tshirt on my back. I know that choosing to homeschool my kindergartner this coming school year is going to shift my focus again in a good way, but I was a teacher for 9 years and it's funny how Disney can slip into those lessons! I blog mostly about Disney, but I occasionally blog about running in general and other topics.

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In 2007 I was able to talk my hubby into visiting Disneyland Paris for only a day of our trip and it was a wonderful day!
I can't wait to meet some new blogger friends doing this Blog Party and hopefully some Disney lovers or homeschool moms too! 

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