The case of the missing Frozen merchandise!

Ever since last Halloween, my oldest daughter has loved Frozen. We got her the costume of Elsa before we ever saw the movie and we have since added to our Frozen collection... There are lots of things out there, if you can find them! Here is the problem - everybody is in love with Frozen! We have a Disney Store in our local mall and we are regulars to visit. Today we visited after having a playdate at the mall playground and they had Frozen music/jewelry boxes! I got so excited! I immediately scooped up the last 5 they had a texted all my Frozen momma friends whose daughters also love Frozen and offered to pick them up for them! Cause I'm nice like that! Ha! I love shopping for other people and finding deals! Of course both of my girls wanted the music box, but I told them we only needed one for the family. Sometimes we buy stuff for a particular sister and then other times it's for "the family" meaning that it's all of ours and we share it.
 We not only have these two suits, but also the towel that we haven't seen since it hit the stores!

They also had Anna and Elsa cups, which we haven't had in a long time. Stuff was literally flying off the shelves! This past Tuesday they had Anna costumes and boots and by Friday - nothing! If you see something you better grab it quick cause they don't last!
Last week they had the cute little hula Olaf that attached to your car dash and would do the hula. Gone by the end of the day! I think Disney is trying to keep up with demand and put more stuff out and had no idea that Frozen would be such a hit! Even in the parks we could only find a two items at Disneyland and at Walt Disney World in Norway at EPCOT was THE only place I saw anything Frozen!

This little guy is sooo cute! He's $10 at the Disney Store and he is a dash board hula figure. There is a sticker for him to stick to your dash and everything! He sells out quick! I did not buy him since my husband would not drive my car if I had one! Ha!

Found this umbrella at Toys R Us! So cute! We didn't buy it since we have the umbrellas from the Disney Store.
Other places we had found Frozen merchandise-
JCPenney - shirts, costumes, dolls, figurines, hit or miss at stores now
Walmart- We found pillow, blanket and dinnerware before Christmas. Now it's hit or miss on anything
Stride Rite - Anna boots, necklace and a Frozen watch
Children's Place - Frozen shirts for toddlers, and older girls - hit or miss again these days
Target - books, costumes, figurines, dolls, shirt, luggage that looks like a sled - hard to find, but they usually have a small selection every now and then

I am not kidding when I say that it's soooo hard to find this stuff! People are selling some of this on Ebay for ridiculous prices and making a fortune off others and I find that wrong. Paying $800 for an Elsa costume is just crazy! Be patient, I'm sure Disney has more in store for us! Our Disney Store gets stuff in each shipment, but they never know what that will be! Be patient and know that it's coming! 

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