DIY Animal Kingdom shirts

On our last trip in  to WDW May 2012, I wanted to make shirts for the girls. I knew that these shirts wouldn't last long since kids grow so fast and I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on a custom top from Etsy - although they have some really cute ones! Being a one income family, I have to watch my spending and can't go crazy...as much as I'd like too! Ha! I got a simple white tank top from Target for $3 and it had a pocket on the one side. I used my stitch ripper to carefully take it off. Came off fine! Then I used my Mickey head tracer and traced it on the backside of my zebra fabric and cut it out. I then took one long strip of fabric and pinned it in folds across the front of the shirt. I didn't do the back because they would sit on it anyway. I just sewed straight across the folds removing the pins as I went along. The Mickey head was a little harder to sew on, since it has lots of curves. I'm not a professional seamstress by any means, but you don't have to be to make this shirt! No it's not perfect, but it looked great in photos and I had people stop me and ask about it! I added a $2.99 hair bow from Hobby Lobby and viola! Loved the finished product! The skirts are from Target with little shorts underneath.

I cut out a Mickey head out of my fabric and spray adhesive glued in one, then just stitched it around. I found out that the curves are not easy! That's the entire head! Ha! It didn't turn out perfect, but I knew that the shirts might not last past our trip and I was ok with that! The bottom strip of fabric I measured twice or three times the length of the shirt and then I used pins to create the ruffle. I just straight sewed it down the middle and it turned out cute. I am not a seamstress, so this was just an easy way to make my idea. I would say this outfit cost me about $11 an outfit including the bow. The skirts and bows we have used again and again and the shirt we wear occasionally since our trip. 

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