Disney Park Maps - DIY project

I know I'm not the only one out there who loves the maps from the Disney Parks! I see people making jewelry out them and coasters and all kinds of cool things on Etsy. I am not a "crafty" original kind of person, more of a see something I like and Disneyfy it and make it my own creation.
We had a craft day with my mommy group that I do weekly. They tell you what the craft is and supply some supplies and then you make it your own or you can copy their example. We usually know a few days beforehand in case we want to bring any other supplies to add to our craft. They had a paper lantern craft set up for us. They supplied tissue paper, wrapping paper, ribbon and paint. I looked up ideas on Pinterest and saw that someone had use an atlas to create a maps lantern and that got my mind turning! I have tons of maps! I loved using them in my classroom when it was time to learn about map skills with my 2nd graders and even my little girls today. Lots of learning can be done with them, but I wanted to create my lantern out of them. I also love to use my maps to help my friends plan their trips. I will write where you can find certain characters at, great viewing spots for parades or fireworks and then how to tour and get more fun for your time! As hard as it was to cut them up, I know that it was worth it! I did make sure to keep on from each park in each time period.
So I had an hour and a half to make my lantern and all I did was cut out circles! I was told I would need 60 3" circles. But it all depended on what size lantern you used, which I of course had no idea til I got there! It was a 14" lantern. I ended up using around 60 circles for this project.
I finished my lantern the next day armed with my circles and my hot glue gun!

The first pic is the lantern upside down. I only used a dot of hot glue.
My Animal Kingdom map was well worn from the day we used it!

Most maps I got 5 circles from, but the new maps are less colorful and I got less circles!
I hung it up in my laundry room since I'm in there a lot! I loved how it turned out and it was so easy to make. Love the older maps version for this project though! Larger fonts and more colorful! So what do you do with the park maps? I'd love to see!!

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