Easy way to invite someone to Easter service

I know that inviting someone to church can be uncomfortable. Our church gives us flyers to hand out or place on neighbors doors. I did use those to invite some of my mommy friends who don't go my church, but I wanted to invite all of my neighbors on my street. We live on a great street where we have block parties, movie nights, summer bbq's and lots of street playtime with all the neighbor kids! We are truly blessed to have such great families on our street. A lot of my neighbors go to different churches in the area. Some of my neighbors are new to the street and I don't know if they attend church somewhere. For those neighbors I included my house number so they would know who was EGGing them. 
  I had the idea to make a handwritten note and then hide eggs in the yard of that neighbor. Some houses had 5 eggs and some had 20, if they had lots of kids! We hid them in secret when they weren't home or in the evening and a few of them we were just really quiet since they were home and hid them. My girls had a blast! They thought it was so fun to hide the eggs and we were also doing something that could possibly change someones life. 
Doing this was so easy and I received many texts from my neighbors saying their kids loved it and they might be able to make it. Even if they don't I did my part and invited them. I have seen from experience that if you invite someone to go to church on a special event time or at a time when you are going, they are more likely to come along. I think that a lot of people visit church on Easter, sometimes as the only day of the year. So inviting them to come to church could make an eternal difference. This isn't about my church being the best or anything, but more about getting people to interact with God and hearing a message about him. I have no idea what the message is, but I trust my pastor and I love my church. I know from experience that the message for Easter services is always a powerful one and one to be shared. 
I encourage you to go out and invite someone to church and if you want to EGG them - go for it! It's fun and casual and is just a neat way to take that step that is sometimes nerve wracking!
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