Have you heard of Mayhem? #inspiredbymayhem

I found a mom on Instagram a few weeks ago called @2sisters_angie she and her daughter make dresses out of tablecloths, construction paper and tape. I can't wait to do it with my girls, I just haven't yet. If you want to see more of her creations check out www.fashionbymayhem.com She is just a normal mom who all of a sudden has 340,000 followers on Instagram. She has done Disney princesses, fashion models, celebrities and even book inspired dresses! She truly is so creative and I love that they do it together.
I am apart of a mommy group through my church and we meet each Thursday. We have breakfast buffet everyday along with praise and worship and usually a guest speaker. We also have sessions where we get to do crafts and sometimes team challenges. This years team challenge reminded me alot of Mayhem! Our task for each table of moms was to use only certain given supplies to create an outfit. We were given lots of duct tape, regular tape and wrapping paper! They also had newspaper and a few other odds and ends. We were only given about 30-40 minutes to make our creation. We only had three people at our table since some of our ladies were out that day. A lot of other tables had 8 moms.
Here is what we started with
wrapping paper, white and silver glittery duct tape and pink tissue paper is what we ended up using.

And here is what we created!
We had to give a fashion show speech per say when our model got on stage. (there were prizes for the best dressed and presentation) I completely made it all up along the way and we ended up winning! I made up that our dress was inspired by Glenda the good witch ready for a night out on the town. With her ruffles in the back and the v neck neckline it accentuates all the right places. She is dressed in her couture gown along with her MK bag and Jimmy Choo shoes. Her crown, earrings, shoes and crystal embellishments on her dress (made out of duct tape) were all covered in Swarovski crystals. This dress is one of a kind and will be on display in the Smithsonian.

I think this would be an awesome moms night out activity or even a bridal shower/baby shower game! The creative juices were definitely tapped and there was lots of laughter!
Here are the other tables along with ours.
Loved her skirt and she had a long red sash on the side. So pretty!

A nun.

A peacock inspired dress

Date night outfit

The mom vest - it had all these pockets and the other moms acted like children and she was well prepared for anything her "kids" threw at her! Ha! It was so cute!

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