How to survive a non-Disney themed party - Guppies Style!

I am a momma to three beautiful little girls and we have birthday parties every year so far. When they are 1 - I choose the theme- pumpkins, turkey, cupcake. When they are 2, I choose based on what they like - Minnie Mouse,etc- You get the idea. At some age they start choosing the theme. At age 4 my daughter wanted Strawberry Shortcake, and now at 3 my middle daughter chose Bubble Guppies. Now don't get me wrong, I love Bubble Guppies and their music, but I love Disney and it's hard to find stuff for a Bubble Guppies party.
I understand though that she love them and even though it wasn't Disney themed, I went with it! We rented a pavilion at a park nearby that had a regular park, but also a Splashpad! I was thinking great! Kids can play in the water and some play at the park as well. Well Mother Nature heard about our party and decided to throw a cool front curve ball and it was rainy the morning of and very chilly! It heated up to a great, comfortable temp, but it was a tad windy. I'd much rather have the cooler temps than the stifling heat from the day before though! Saturday was miserable hot with no wind and you felt as though you were melting!

Because the Splashpad was "closed" , so we told the kids, I had to come up quick with some other alternatives. I had already decided on bubbles and chalk, but last minute decided on a coloring station. As I was loading the car an hour before the party, I threw in as many little riding toys in my van and texted party goers that they could bring theirs too! Worked on great! We even had a little bike parade going on! 

I found these awesome bath squirters at Toys R Us. I knew I wanted to use them for the party, so I didn't let me BG lover see them til that day! I didn't want her playing with them! I had scrapbooking squares that I chose a coordinating color to that person as my labels. I used those sticky dots to stick them to the cookie sheet and the label. Good thing too! They would have blown off in the wind! 

Oona's Stars was my original idea. I wanted to make Rice Krispie Treats and found a star cookie cutter and some neon gel at Walmart and dyed the marshmallow before mixing with the cereal! 

 We had water bottles for the adults and juice boxes for the kids.
I also came up with seaweed juice. When I found this blue container with some yellow lemonade inside  I was hoping it would look green and it did! I used some characters off her invitation which I found at Walmart! They have lots of Bubble Guppies party supplies!

I had used this cupcake stand lots of times! I usually add some scrapbooking paper to it to jazz it up for whatever theme I'm doing. But of course hours before the party I had those scrapbook squares and decided to add seaweed to the stand. I think it turned out pretty cute! It wasn't perfect, but once you added the cupcakes and the other bath squirters which wouldn't stand up on the top with her cupcake. I just went with it and added them elsewhere!

Overall, we had a great party spent with some great family and lots of friends! Even though it wasn't Disney themed it was still magical and we made some great memories with my little one!

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