Training ain't for sissies!

I'm officially in training for my first half marathon! EEK! If you know me, I'm not your average athletic person. I've done prenatal Yoga, prenatal water aerobics, Baby Boot Camp all within the last 4 years. But by no means do I see myself as a "fit" person. I've still got the trouble spots like most people...I just choose to keep most of my areas covered! I own a two piece bathing suit, but let's just say it hides it all! Ha! Tankinis and skirts are my friend at the pool. I do feel better about my body though since I've started running since May of 2013. I find that my shorts fit better and the hips seems smaller. I've only been running since May, but I signed myself up for the 10 miler run Ten for Texas. I want to be in a better corral at the Tinkerbell and Princess. Corral is where you start the race from. The front of the race is corral A and then so on... I'm currently in the last corral because I haven't ever completed a 10K or longer. So I thought - hey! sign up for the Ten for Texas, it gives you a shorter goal to train in and I won't procrastinate. Not sure if I thought out the whole heat of the summer training idea, but it's been ok so  far and I hope to have that as an advantage in the Florida heat! I'm currently using the Galloway method, which if you don't know Galloway - he is an Olympic athlete who run/walks and knows a thing or two about running. So far I have him to thank for getting me this far and without injury!
5 miles done pic
Today I ran 5 miles with a friend who is also running in the Princess Half with me and then I went on and had a goal of doing 2 more miles, but felt good enough to do 3 more! I was so proud of myself! I may not have set any records at the timing pace I was running, but after 4 months of never running ever I did 8 miles- Yippee! I truly have found my motivation by registering for these RunDisney events and I plan to earn my bling! 

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