Disney Shadow Box

I loved the idea of a shadow box from a Disney trip. I had looked on Pinterest for a few ideas and loved the idea of using a map, I liked the pin additions and really wanted to include special mementos from the trip. I had bought this fridge magnet that is flat on the back and it fit perfectly in my box.Add a Mickey head from the parade, a pin that says Walt Disney World on it, a map of the whole park and then I added some stickers and a family photo. Easy and done! I love the simplicity of it, but also that it sits out everyday and reminds me of a great vacation. I probably should add the year somewhere, in case I decide to make one for every trip! Ha!
We are headed to Disneyland in January and I plan to find a fridge magnet hopefully of Sleeping Beauty's castle and make another shadow box for that. Have you made a shadow box for a Disney trip? I'd love to see! Leave me link in the comments!

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