Disney Countdown Clipboard Tutorial

A few years ago I joined my church's mommy group. I have met some wonderful ladies and one of the fun things we do is craft every so often together. The leaders decided on the clipboard craft and then we decided what we wanted to do. Some moms made a menu board for the week, some made a countdown to Christmas, one lady made it an art holder for her daughter with her name on it. Being that I'm in my Disney prime years (Gasp - I went through a phase where it wasn't such a big thing and I never even thought about it...I don't know what happened!) I wanted to make something Disney related! I thought about making it a chalkboard countdown that I could write on daily, but then you have the logistics of the where to put the
chalk and erasing it and not being as black as it was the first time...I scrapped that idea. A couple of days before the craft day I was shopping at Hallmark for a card for a friend and came across the cutest stickers for $3! Cheap! I immediately thought magnets for my fridge, but didn't do anything with them just in case I thought of something else! So fast forward to the night before and I have a stock pile of Disney stickers and scrap booking stuff. I threw a bunch of stuff in my bag to take with me and still had no idea what I was gonna do, other than it was a countdown. I spent 1- 1/2 hours picking out my supplies (which they provided all kinds of stuff including the clipboards in a variety of sizes). Another girl had brought her Cricket machine and I knew I wanted a big DISNEY on it. So basically the first day my board looked like this. Nothing but covered in two pieces of scrapbook paper with Mod Podge. Only glue the backside lightly both board and paper get a light coat. Too much glue will make your paper wrinkle! Another lady had her laptop and was making labels, so I had her do days til on a label for me. They also had these cute little box tracers that you could make on another sheet of paper, so I did that.
The tracer for the box was where I started to "see" what I was going to do in the end...
They had these tiny Velcro sticky dots so I took some of those...not knowing how I was using them just yet! I used three rows to hold my box to my clipboard. I had to use a sewing needle to make my tiny holes to add my brads, but these were from a Disney scrapbooking kit I already had.

I had one page of black scrapbook letters/numbers and put the numbers 0-9 on the stickers. Only problem was they are sticky on the back. The entire thing, not just the face part. So I ended up putting each number on a square with a Velcro dot on the back.
They turned out pretty cute! 
 I plan to add some ribbon to the "clip" part at the top. I love the clipboard idea and that it's high enough my little ones can't mess with it, but they can see it everyday! My 4 yr old will ask what number it is and then I'll ask her what number does an 8 and a 3 make = 83 and so on. So she's seeing higher numbers and we are kinda learning from it too! I have the castle and Mickey as alternate decals for the bottom to change out. We are headed to Disneyland in January for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, so I put Tink on it! I plan to use it over and over...if my hubby will let me keep planning trips! LOL!
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