Princess Half Marathon recap - part 2

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We found the second set of port of potty's to have a  much shorter line than the first set, so I stopped! So much better running with an empty bladder! We were off! We stopped to take pics with the sign of Magic Kingdom and other landmarks. We mostly took selfies to help our time - we were scared of getting swept!
Jack Sparrow and Barbosa were both there - the line was long! You could also catch them on the ending side of the race too. You went by this spot twice. Line was much shorter headed to the finish line!

Heading into Magic Kingdom!

The Villians!
This line wasn't too bad maybe 7-10 people so we stopped. When you take pics together the line looks longer, but it goes quick!
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We were so excited to head into Magic Kingdom and run down Main Street and see the castle! Even if it was in fog! 

This was the one picture I knew that I wanted before the run! If I saw them I wanted to stop! It was a little hairy standing in line for 20 minutes, but it was sooo worth it! Love them all dressed up! The official RunDisney people came over and said "the end was coming" which scared us, but we stuck it out even though we were scared! 
Rather than stand in some of the long lines for some of the pics, we just took selfies! Ha! This line was incredibly long! I would say 40+ people. Just as long, if not longer for Mickey.

Mile 7 they played Let It Go and my girls and I LOVE that song! So of course I sang along as I ran! Ha! This was a very congested area where you had to walk at times since it was narrow and we didn't want to get into the grass and twist an ankle.

This was Steph's first half marathon and longest run ever - so after 10 miles we took pics with the signs! That was a big deal! 

Come on - we can do it! 
Steph did not want to stop for this pic, which was fine. I had told myself that I really wanted pictures with characters you don't typically see in the parks. Rare characters. So since Hercules and Prince Eric were in this shot - I wanted it! I had some catching up to do, but I caught her after a potty break and then having to run with no walking breaks. I didn't realize how many people were dressed up like Aurora til I was searching for a certain one! ha! 

Coming into EPCOT into the final mile or so, there was an area set up for a character with lights and a little camper, for them to have a break and no one was there. Then I spotted out of my eye - Sofia! I beelined it over to her and was first in line! I cried! I knew my girls would be sooo excited to see that I saw her and it was sinking in that we were getting close to the finish! 

 Yes we stopped for this pic. Love that we did!

The gospel choir, at mile 12.9 probably - so moving and a tearjerker as well. I knew the course and how close we were to the finish and Steph kept asking how much further. It was getting hot! 
Yahoo! We made it to 13!! 

So proud of these 3! I earned my Coast to Coast! 
We may not have had the fastess time, but we had a fun time and made memories that will last for a lifetime!  If you are on the fence about starting to run or you think that a half marathon distance is not something you can do - training, hardwork and believing in yourself that you can do it is all part of the journey! Also having some great running friends makes the miles go by faster!  It was so rewarding to say I was gonna do something I had never even dreamed of and then to do it twice! I am so proud of myself! I will be floating on cloud9 for awhile! Coast to Coast is marked off the Disney bucket list!

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