RunDisney Tinkerbell Half Expo

After picking up my packet, which was super easy and virtually no line, we walked upstairs to the expo to pick up tshirts and race bags. I think the Princess Expo will be really different since they have multiple buildings for things and races. Plus it isn't at the same place. 

This will be my collection in just a few short days! I'm so excited! 
Let's just say that as a first time RunDisney runner, first time half marathoner, over shopping at the expo can be a little tempting! I knew that I wanted a few things to commemorate the event and my accomplishment, but there is also the whole running aspect of the expo. New shoes, shirts, skirts that shimmer and sparkle, hair bands that don't slip and slide, energy foods, contraptions that ease those hurting muscles and more! I wasn't interested in the New Balance shoes so I didn't have to worry about that line, but the line I did have to endure was the Official RunDisney merchandise line. The Dooney and Burkes, I did it! shirts and all the other fun stuff was in that section and they only allowed a certain amount of people in at a time. 
I was so dissapointed that my mug washed off the first time I washed it. Love my car decal, but hate that the Texas sun will sunfade it, I'm thinking of putting on my master mirror! Otherwise it'll go in the scrapbook... 

I have yet to wear this shirt or take the tags off, but do plan on wearing it on Sunday after the Princess Half Marathon.

My green Mickey runner vinylmation that will also be earning another medal at the #princesshalf. 

I started off with Jeff Galloway's walk/run method and even though I'm not legalistic in my walking breaks, I find that what I do works for me and I'm not ashamed to say that I take walk breaks! I find that it helps me maintain a decent pace and keeps from feeling completely spent at the finish! I was able to hit the parks the same day as my half marathon and felt great! If you are thinking about doing a RunDisney run - check out his methods and books - really good info!
This sweet lady is from According to Kelly. I found her blog looking up ideas for running costumes and she is also a partner in the Team Sparkle running skirts business. She has the cutest costumes and I love her spunky attitude. She is so real in her posts and she has three kiddos too! 
I thought the expo was fun and getting to see all the vendors who offer great products is neat. I know people spent hours here, but I was done in 2 hours tops and felt like I did everything. There weren't freebies per say - the only things I say was yogurt, samples of the energy type foods, the commemorative art cards, which I loved and the LaLuna posters. I didn't pick up anything else. For the Princess Half Marathon I plan on getting the pins, another sweaty band, a medal for my vinylmation, but not a mug!! Ha! What are you planning on buying? Don't go crazy now!
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