RunDisney Kids Races

I wanted my girls to feel like they were included in my running weekend and my husband too for that matter. My husband is getting his masters degree he just like didn't have any time to train or to run nor did he really care to do the 5K. So I think he missed out big time, but maybe next time he will join in after finishing his degree!
I signed each of my girls up for their age bracket for the RunDisney kids races. They were held Saturday at 9:30 AM in the same parking lot as the finish line - Simba lot near PCH hotel. I felt like it was a bit of unorganized mess. Maybe because it's just people who had never done the kids races before, like me or maybe cause we waited around a long time before the kids got to actually run. I will say this - a lot of kids ran this! My 14 month old fell asleep in the line because it was so hot she just got tired. It felt like a long time and she fell asleep. I've said this before - my kids sleep anywhere! Ha! I ended up running the whole thing with her still asleep in the hopes she would get her medal. I turned her around to make sure they could see her number and bib and we just followed sister! In hindsight I wish I had signed my middle child up for the longer race with her older sister because I know that she could do the distance and she would've had a more fun run that was faster! At the time I signed my girls up I didn't know that you could put them in a different age bracket or distance bracket. They started with the big kids runing their runs and then it was the little kids turns.
It was so fun for them -  they enjoyed earning a medal, getting to dress up like Tinkerbell for their run and having a number like mommy. It was their first race and I'm so happy it was at Disneyland. I hope it isn't their last!

The little brown tear off is so you can claim your child. You tear it off before the run and then at the end of the run as you leave the area, they check to make sure you have the correct child. If you don't have the tag they ask you a few security questions such as what hotel you are staying at or the child's birthday. I was happy to see them being so thorough and knowing that they were patrolling who was leaving with who!

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