Meeting Anna and Elsa from Frozen

Making a list of things to do and see wasn't hard on our recent trip to Disneyland. We love meeting the characters and getting autographs. It was also our first trip to Disneyland and so we wanted to do everything that wasn't at Walt Disney World, but also some of our favorites too. One thing that was at the top of the list was meeting Anna and Elsa from Frozen! We have seen the movie multiple times, own the soundtrack and my oldest was Elsa for Halloween even though she had never seen the movie! (that ended up being a blessing). We brought our costumes from home including the girls crowns and that was a fabulous idea! There was only a few Anna wigs and snowflake light up wands. Nothing else Frozen that we could find! So glad that I stocked up at the Disney Store and a few other places that sold it beforehand! We were at the parks at opening time and we waited at the rope until they let us to the back. We knew that the Frozen characters was at the top of the list, but with no line virtually at the Royal Princess Greeting area, we stopped there first to meet a few friends and then proceeded to the Frozen meet and greet line. I would say that we got in line at 10:15, and they didn't start meeting people til 11. We put on our costumes in the line and I ran to get fastpasses to Splash Mountain while they stood in line. We waited only an hour, maybe an hour and a half at the most! We knew ahead of time that the line gets ridiculously long and can easily be a 3-4 hour wait.
Meeting them was so special! My girls loved the interaction and my middle child sang Let It Go for them and everything! I was busy chasing a baby around and didn't get to hear everything that was said, but it was a highlight of our trip! There is nothing more sweet than seeing your babies meet someone who they love and act like. I love that they are sisters and the hair colors are similar for my two and the older one is Elsa and the younger red headed one is Anna. Of course this puts the baby sister as Olaf, but she doesn't know it yet - ha!

I would highly suggest getting in line early and doing this first thing of the day.
Bring your own costumes.
Be prepared for the wait - snacks, games, take turns with one person standing in line and others riding a few rides.
Prep your child to ask a question or to do something interacting with the character.
Bring your autograph items. I had brough the Frozen chapter book, but forgot it in the room that morning, so we missed out.

*Sidenote - I just got back from a runcation with my girlfriends and the line for Anna and Elsa at WDW was 4-5 hours. People start lining up at 9am when the park opens, but they don't start visiting with guests til 11. Get a person in line quickly and send the rest of the group to go play! So if you want to meet Anna and Elsa on your next vacation get in line early and be patient with your wait! A Fastpass is the best way to ensure a short wait, but I have also gotten in line during the evening fireworks and I didn't have a long wait at all!

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