My Running Belt

What's inside my running belt - 
I found out that they had the runDisney IFitness running belts at Downtown Disney at the team Mickey Store.(Which is closed now)  My friend was at Walt Disney World and I asked her if she wouldn't mind checking to see if she can find this running belt for me. Of course she did and of course she picked it up for me because we're good Disney friends like that and so I was very excited to get my running belt with a cute Mickey Mouse on the front. Not to mention the small 6oz water bottles on either side, since my previous belt did not have any bottles.

In my running belt I usually carry two Kleenex neatly folded in the shape of a rectangle. For that sudden runny nose or heaven forbid a potty break on the side of the road. I also carry my Gatorade chews- strawberry flavored and I usually carry one piece of gum.  My Burts Bees Chapstick, mace, my ID, along with $5. (I've been known to stop at Which Wich after a run! Love Which Wich!) I carry this whether I run 3 miles or a half marathon.

I have "add-ons" from ifitness on my belt - one of them I found at Marshall's and it holds a pair sunglasses but I also thought it would be great for that time of the month when you have any feminine hygiene products that you might need for whatever reason (hate taking her on runs!) and I loved that it also held my body glide along with my sunglasses for my half marathon. When those spots start to rub, you need relief!

At the Tink expo I found the Ifitness booth and they were having a deal on cell phone holders and I do not have a holder that would hold my Iphone 5S so I went ahead and got it. I ended up not using it for that though, I used it for my small Sony camera that I used on the run. It worked perfectly! 

My belt also has 2- 8 ounce small drink holders and I carried my yellow Gatorade. I typically run with yellow and because at the marathon they only had blue Powerade and water and before hand I did not know what flavors they would have, but I prefer yellow so I went ahead and just didn't drink them until I was really needing them and that the very end I preferred that over the blue Powerade that they were serving.

My Ifitness belt also has a place where the hold your number so you're not having to put safety pin holes in your costume  to hold your number. That's one thing I saw lots of newbies doing - putting their number on the back of their shirt! For picture reasons your number has to be on the front because for characters or running down the road, the picture people take a picture of you coming at them not you running away from them so you really won't have very many pictures if your number is on your back it should be on the front. Just a helpful tip! 

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