Top 10 Disney characters

1. Mickey Mouse - It all started with him! He is an icon, a mouse whose smile is always perfect in every picture and a classic! I love anything Mickey Mouse!

2. Minnie Mouse - His classic partner, I hate that they have never married, but then I think about the Brave Little Tailor. Mickey won her hand in marriage from the king...hmmm, I'll have to watch that again to see the ending!

3. Lady Tremaine -
We ate at 1900 Park Fare for dinner and had the pleasure of meeting her. I had read reviews that she is quite the character and she didn't disappoint! I chuckled to myself and out loud multiple times watching her make her rounds around the restaurant! I had prompted my daughter ahead of time to think of a question to ask her to help interact and she asked "Why did you rip Cinderella's dress?" Her response was too funny!

4. Duffy the Disney Bear -
We have the original Duffy book from a few years ago and so we knew who he was. When we went up to meet him he hugged my daughter, then the PhotoPass guy says "I can still see her..." So Duffy hugs her a little lower, "I can still see her...", again and again - he goes all the way hugging her to her shoes and that's all I saw! We were so surprised and thought it was great! The photo above was after he was done hugging all of her!

5. Princess Tiana-
I personally am not a big fan of Princess and the Frog - I know crazy mom! I have a hard time with the black magic of this film and so we don't watch it very often, when it comes on T.V. But meeting Tiana  and Naveen in person changed the fact that I do like Tiana. She was so warm and loving towards my kids, which I know is maybe not the case every time, but we happened to show up at Electric Parade time and there was no line and they were gonna leave. She kissed my girls on the cheek, took the thumb from my thumb suckers mouth for the picture and was just so sweet with them. makes a momma's heart melt if ya know what I mean! It was magical to say the least!

6. Merida -
We hadn't seen the movie yet, cause it wasn't out yet, but I knew who she was and where to find her. We stood in line to meet her and had no idea the three bears were her brothers, but she talked to my girls, compared hair color with my youngest and then did a few other things with them. My husband said that she was his favorite to meet. She talked with her accent and was so genuine with us and felt very "real".

7. Fairy Godmother -
Sweetest lady! She said some kind of rhyme to my little red and then kissed her on the head and was very gentle like a grandmother - Fairy Godmother to be exact. I think the CM that take the time to make a moment with you are the ones that leave the most positive impression on your trip memory.

8. Rosetta-
Rosetta was well worth the 40 min wait that we waited to meet her and Tinkerbell. She was funny and kept making little jokes and saying sweet things to my girls. At one point my thumb sucker took her thumb out of her mouth to hold Rosetta's hand and her thumb was all wet! Ew! Rosetta said - " I think you just got snail's juice on my hand" She was so sweet to her even though she clearly knew why her hand was all wet! 

9. Mary Poppins -

We loved talking with her and spent a few minutes with her since no one was in line behind us. She kept asking all kinds of questions to my daughter like "Do you keep your room neat and tidy?" in her British accent. She was quite lovely to meet!

10. Princesses from Town Hall-
The face in this pic says it all - She was in awe! She kept looking at us like "Do you see who this is??" She was too funny!

 Quite a few of the princesses asked my little one to sit in their lap or hand their hand and then the hug afterwards - MELT MY HEART! Love the pics I have of my girls getting hugs from all the ladies!
Meeting the characters was one of our favorite things to do along with collecting their autographs! We spent lots of our time meeting as many as we could! What are your favorite characters to meet?

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