Why I blog

I absolutely love Disney. I've been a few times to the parks and I love to share tips and tricks about going to the parks and about finding deals on Disney gear! I love the magic, beauty and message in Disney movies and songs. I love sharing that with my two little girls and even incorporating Disney into my classroom when I was a teacher. I wanted to start this blog to help others planning a trip to Disney, learning about the history, or about anything relating to Disney. Maybe you just want to know more about Disney and can't decide if you want to go...I can help you make up your mind!. I will try to include Disneyland in my posts, but I have never gone, one day I'll make it there, and can only refer to friends about their travels. If you have any questions please let me know! I may not have all the answers myself, but I have many resources and would be happy to find out for you!

Trips to Disney -
1986 - Disneyworld - celebrated my 7th birthday
1988 - Disneyworld - celebrated my 8th birthday
2000 - Disneyworld - celebrated my 21st birthday
2006 - Disneyworld - 1st time as a couple - Pop Century Resort
2007 - Disneyland Paris
2009 - Disneyworld- 1st time as a family of 3 -Pop Century Resort and celebrated my 30th birthday

I am in no way compensated for my opinions stated in this blog. I am just a true Disney generation girl at heart and nothing is endorsed by The Walt Disney Company. They are in no way responsible for what I say or anything related to what I speak of. I share from the heart and these are my opinions.

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