Why I run with a Frogg...

Hi, my name is Sarah and I have a confession... I run with a Frogg. Yes, I said a Frogg. Frogg Togg that is! I found out about this product from a girlfriend of mine and originally used it to keep my kids cool when we were out and about! It a towel that you wet with water and it stays cool to the touch. I bought mine at Academy and Walmart, I have a few... I ended up altering my towel to suit me while I run. The towel in it's original state is just too big for me, so I wanted it big enough to tuck into my running bra straps across the back of my neck. Here is a pic of the towel unaltered (bottom) and then cut for running (top) I now have 2 towels for running and a section of towel that I use for my babies legs to protect from the sun or at the pool to keep her cool in the stroller if she falls asleep.

Why to use a Frogg Togg while running:
 - I love that they absorb water and cool you down
 - I ran 5 miles and kept putting water from fountains and water fountains to wipe down my arms and legs and it just rejuvenates me! Here in Texas we get weather that's a tad hot! Ha!
 - I use it at the gym to wipe my sweat and as my towel
 - I will really get it soaked and then as I run and get hot - I squeeze the towel to get the water to drip down my back or neck or even head
 - I highly recommend this running tool to help avoid heat exhaustion and to keep you cool in the hot weather. They do have other cool products on their website that I've never seen in stores, like a wrist band, headband, and even a hat! If you have any of those products I'd love to hear how they work out!

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I have not been compensated for my opinions, nor do they even know that I am writing about their products. Just sharing the Running for Disney Love!
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