A few of my Favorite things - for running that is!

Running is a new sport/hobby for me. I've had many hobbies before and I've found that any hobby takes tools. Running tools for newbies can be expensive, but most are a one time cost. Some of these products can last you years, so you aren't having to replace them often.

Watch - I was using my IPhone mainly, but for my anniversary I got a watch that my hubs picked out and I have yet to fully utilize all the features that I know it can do! It does have GPS so that will save my phone from sucking the battery life so quick which I've noticed it does on my phone. My Nike+ watch can GPS my runs, elevation, and intervals which is why I wanted a watch, it'll also hook up to my Nike+ page. I don't like that I have to hook it up to my computer to share I did a run, but it's fine. I have Galloway in my ear on my app telling me walk/run...but for my races I want to be in the moment and not have ear buds, so my watch beeps and tells me every minute to walk, or whatever interval I choose so I know when to run. I've been using my watch more and more and really like it! We got ours at Luke's Locker which is a local run shop that has great gear!

Shoes -
I got fitted for my shoes at a local run shop - Luke's Locker. They watch you walk around and even get you on a treadmill and tell you how your foot strikes the ground and if you walk/run a certain way. I find that I'm a heel striker, so my shoes are made for my type of walk. I can tell a world of difference! It's amazing the different walking types and pronations there are in feet. They also taught me a new way to tie my shoes which was pretty cool too! Wearing just any shoes to run in can cause blisters and "hot spots". I am a "cute shoe" kinda girl - so I usually choose my tennis shoes based on the look factor. At the running shop they pick out which ones are good for your feet and if there is only two styles to choose from oh well! I would never have picked out such a flashy colored shoe, but between the options I was given this is what I choose!

Apps for running -
The Galloway apps happened to be on sale when I was looking into them and so I snatched them up at a great price! So far, I really like using his system and I think that it's not an "easy" way out of running, but rather for a newbie (non-sporty) type person like me it will help me reach my goal of finishing and within a decent time to boot!

I do use the Nike + app as well. My watch will sync with the app and I like that it tells me my pace and how I compared to another run. The Galloway app I use to help me train and the Nike app I use to help my cadence and track mileage.

Running in just any shirt won't do here in Texas! The heat and humidity are killer, so a moisture wicking material is best. Plus they cut down in rubbing. I wear shorts and shirts that are made for running/working out and even though I sometimes feel as though the shorts are crazy short, I don't want them chafing either!  I got this shirt from the Disney Store website long before I was pregnant with number three and I can finally wear it! I love running in it and it helps remind me why I'm training! I have found some great running gear for super cheap at Marshall's/TJ Maxx type stores.

Jogging Stroller-
The BOB stroller is the Ferrari of jogging strollers, in my honest opinion. I have had a BOB before I had my first child...yes, I ordered it when she was in the womb. My husband was doing triathlons at the time and I knew that he might want to run with her or when I went to cheer him on, the terrain at these events is not predictable. Grassy, sandy, over rough terrain - the BOB handles it all with ease. It truly is my all time favorite stroller! I use another stroller when I have all three kiddos, but I had invested in a double BOB when we had baby #2 and now that baby #3 is here... I am so glad I kept my single BOB. Now my husband runs with one stroller and I run with the other! Works out perfectly! I think that having this stroller is another way to support me in my training. 

Running Bra -

I have two bras that I run in. I have my Victoria's Secret VSX and My Moving Comfort Juno. I chose both for similar reasons. Both give you a little more coverage of the girls and have a type of padding to prevent that embarrassing see through bra effect when you start working out. I still breastfeed my 8 mo old and I wanted a bra that wouldn't contribute to mastitis, which I had with baby #2 and it was not fun! I wanted a bra with no underwire, which the Juno does not have. The VSX has underwire but it's coated in some type of cushion and is very comfortable to wear. The Moving Comfort bra also has adjustable straps, so I feel that as my body is still changing from having a baby 8 months ago, I can tighten as my body shrinks, but also if I need to feed my baby before or after a run I can easily do that in this bra. I think eventually I will have to be resized at VS for a smaller banded bra by race day, but I would buy the same kind next time.

Other running gadgets -
There are other gadgets that I have such as a running belt to hold my phone, a special towel that keeps me cool and a few other things, but I'll save them for another post! Thanks for reading! Any suggestions that you recommend or reviews? I'd love to hear them!
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