Places to buy Frozen!

My girls LOVE Frozen! I've said that before! There are places we are still finding Frozen merchandise - shirts, lunch boxes, socks, and lots of books! My girls on constantly on the lookout! No, we don't buy everything we see, but I do text my Frozen momma friends who are also looking for stuff for their children and I am more than willing to buy for them. I will even stand in the line for an Elsa dress on a Saturday for a childhood friend who doesn't live close to a Disney Store. So here is where I am finding Frozen items -
Barnes and Noble - Books, dolls, and even the figurines! Check endcaps near the escalators and not necessarily in the kids section.
Hallmark -

Olaf ornament is coming soon and they had some stationary Frozen items too- notepads, diary, pens, and a few other little things.
Target - Cute shirts and panties, when you can find them!
Marshalls/Home Goods - Frozen lunch tins with a puzzle inside, also we've found books and busy notepads
Toys R Us - Hit or Miss! I was recently in Baton Rouge and hit Frozen jackpot! Olaf summer tea set, a doll set with toddler dolls - and Sven and Olaf. They had crowns, dolls and more. Our local store never has anything really.
Walmart - $1 Stickers! Hidden near the cards.party aisle or near office supplies/posters area.

Bed Bath and Beyond - Tervis tumblers! Olaf and Elsa/Anna

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