Disney's new movie Frozen soundtrack review

I am a Disney nerd, I am Disney lover. I truly love most all things Disney and the new Disney movie Frozen is no exception! I grew up on The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, etc. I know these movies and the songs word for word pretty much and I see Frozen as a strong contender to those. The soundtrack is excellent! My girls were already in love with the characters and the movie storyline before the movie even came out since we had the book.
I had no idea how much we would truly love not only the storyline and characters, but also the music! Today the TV stayed off for a good part of the day since we were listening to the soundtrack. We love every song, but there are a couple songs that are our favorite. We love the "Let It Go" Idina version of the song. We almost know it word for word. The next favorite is the "Do Want to Build a Snowman?" - I can't help but cry every time I hear it! When you see the movie you will see why. I love the words and the rhymes, but knowing what happens in that last segment of the song tears at my heartstrings everytime! I cannot help crying everytime, everytime! It's so annoying! My husband is like "what's wrong with you?" Ha! If you haven't bought the soundtrack off iTunes or at a local store - go get it! I also love running to it and thinking about the movie as I run. When we went and saw the movie for the 2nd time it was really hard not to sing out loud! So excited that they are starting a sing a long version at the end of this month! 

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