Disney's New movie - Frozen

I have a 4 yr old who is in love already with the new Disney movie - Frozen. Anytime the commercials come on she runs in the room and has me rewind it! She was Elsa for Halloween and has many of the dolls already. Anytime she earns a reward or if someone wants to buy something for her, she has her next Frozen item chosen! Her sister recently had a birthday and one of her friends got her Olaf, the snowman and a cute Elsa and Anna pj dress. They were a size 4 and she was so ecstatic that they were just her size! Ha!
    We bought the Golden Book of Frozen to familiarize ourselves with the story and characters and that has fanned the flames even more for her. I won't give away the complete story, but I will tell you it has a great story for sisters! There are some words that I know I'm not saying correctly, like fjord. But I was surprised to find out that we were saying a main characters name incorrectly. I hope I'm not the only one! We've corrected it and I still slip up and call her the wrong name, but daddy has yet to get it that her name is pronounced not how it's spelled! So which character were we saying her name wrong? ANNA! It's not Anna, rhymes with Hannah. It's Anna, rhymes with Shawna - Onna is how I would phonetically spell it.  At first when I caught her name in a preview I watched it 10 times trying to really hear it. Then I caught commercial advertising a singing doll and it was full blown where you could hear them say her name Anna, rhymes with Shawna. It makes sense that her name would be pronounced in a Norwegian style, just like Kristoff.

JCPenney now has a Disney section and they have a great selection of Frozen items. Dolls, jacket, figurines, shirts, A giant Olaf for only $500 and more! 

The items look similar to the Disney Store, but there are differences, for example the soft plush dolls are smaller than the Disney Store version, shirts have different designs and so on.
We also found Anna and Elsa Frozen birthday themed supplies at Party City! We have a 5th bday coming up and I'm thinking I'll be back for some of this stuff! I looked online at their website and you can find it there too.

 We found Frozen books at Sam's Club for a great price!

So for all those Frozen lovers here is the scoop and I hope you found it helpful! We can't wait to see the movie on opening day in 3-D! We got a sitter for baby sister and everything! 

Opinions are my own. I was not compensated in any way for my post. I'm just a Disney lovin mom who loves to share the Disney Love! 

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